Ravioli: A Food for All Occasions Presented by Kilpatrick and Hart, Ltd, Inc.

Today, ravioli is a food enjoyed well beyond the borders of its Italian homeland. The popularity of this stuffed pasta creation can be attributed in large part to its limitless diversity. In Italy alone, traditional preparations include…

– Vegetarian ravioli. For Friday meals, especially during Lent, many Catholic Italians do not eat meat, and so frequently prepare ravioli with vegetables, eggs, and cheese instead.
– Seafood-stuffed ravioli. In Italy’s coastal cities, pasta stuffed with seafood is common. The accompanying sauces are typically light and lemon-based.
– Sauce-baked ravioli. While many Italians boil ravioli in broth and then serve it, others follow the boiling step by baking the pasta in a rich sauce.

What contemporary Americans might think of as “standard” ravioli—that is, pasta stuffed with meat and served with tomato sauce—is also common in Italy, although it did not become so until tomato plants were introduced to the country in the 1700s.

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Benefits in Gaining Prequalification for Business Loans By Kilpatrick and Hart

People who are interested in acquiring a new business or expanding their existing operations often find that obtaining prequalification for financing expedites the process. Because there are no delays associated with weighing various funding options, they remain in control of such functions as negotiation and timetables. Moreover, the other parties participating in the transaction sometimes agree to a resolution of the deal faster if they know the buyer is not scrambling to put together a capitalization program.

Buyers in business deals generally pursue debt financing or equity financing. Debt financing involves borrowing funds from a bank or other outside source. Debt service in such instances encompasses the repayment of principal, as well as interest. Equity funding, on the other hand, entails the sale of shares of stock in the business. Outside investors, including venture capitalists, often provide the capital in such financing.

About Kilpatrick and Hart: Kilpatrick and Hart, Ltd., Inc., works closely with clients to identify capital needs and obtain funding to realize their objectives. The company’s competencies include the development of business plans, funding schedules, and outreach to potential lenders and investors. It specializes in financing for enterprises in such industries as hospitality, real estate, farming, and assisted living.