Kilpatrick and Hart: The Initial Steps in the 8 Step Funding Process

With more than 20 years of experience, Kilpatrick and Hart, Ltd., Inc. (K&H) helps clients navigate the complex commercial loan funding process. The firm’s consulting services are backed by an extensive network of international and U.S.-based investors, lending parties, and investment banking firms.

K&H’s exhaustive “8 step process” ensures that proper protocol is followed to secure funds for business plans. Applicants initially submit a business plan, project summary, or the website-accessible loan pre-qualifier worksheet. If these initial documents generate sufficient interest from funding partners at the conceptual level, additional information is requested. K&H utilizes this information to generate a finance request summary fact sheet that enables applicants to carefully review the information provided and make necessary revisions.

Dedicated to transparency, Kilpatrick and Hart proactively works with applicants in the early stages of the loan process to help them understand the out-of-pocket pre-closing expenses that are necessary to successfully complete the financing process.