The Eight-Step Funding Process at Kilpatrick and Hart, Ltd., Inc.

Since 1988, Kilpatrick and Hart, Ltd., Inc., has assisted companies in creating business, financial, and marketing plans. The firm currently focuses on commercial funding both inside and outside the United States.

To do so, an eight-step funding process is used. The firm begins by requiring a prospective client to send in a pre-qualifier worksheet, project or executive summary, or business plan. It then reviews the funding concept, asks for any additional information needed, and creates a fact sheet to forward to potential sources of capital.

Next, Kilpatrick and Hart receives projected terms from the capital source. After the proposal is executed, the applicant receives a Letter of Interest or term sheet from the capital source, at which point the company provides the applicant with a document checklist to prepare for due diligence.

The final steps in the process include formal due diligence, a conditional commitment from the capital source, and final funding of the project. Kilpatrick and Hart, Ltd., Inc., never guarantees funding, but it does guarantee that several steps in the funding process will occur, including the issuance of a term sheet from a capital source.