About Kilpatrick and Hart

With more than 100 years of combined employee experience and a network of more than 200 lenders and investors, Kilpatrick & Hart Ltd, Inc., services domestic and international real estate projects and corporate startups. Kilpatrick & Hart has evolved from a business, marketing, and financial plan creator to a loan request package developer. As a consultancy, the firm offers specialized financial programs for such projects as assisted care facilities, hotels and motels, multi-dwellings, and vehicle wash systems. All financing programs follow Kilpatrick & Hart’s 8-step financing procedure, which simplifies the loan request process.

Holding an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Master of Science in Finance from Indiana University, Thomas Hart, co-founder of Kilpatrick & Hart, currently serves the company as President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Hart brings more than 15 years of corporate experience with a state financial institution trade association to his role at the firm. Thomas Hart has served as a Nonprofit Corporation Chairman of the Board at the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey and currently serves as Chairman of the Corporations Finance and Personnel Committee.

Outside of his work at Kilpatrick & Hart, Mr. Hart volunteers as a member of the emergency care team at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and with Caring Hearts, Inc., and he has made hundreds of visits to over 500 pre- and post-open-heart surgery patients each year. Thomas Hart has served on municipal planning and zoning committees, and has functioned as President and Treasurer of his residential community’s Association Board of Trustees.

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