Advertising and the Better Business Bureau

Kilpatrick and Hart Ltd., Inc., is a specialized financing business based in New Jersey and a strong supporter of the New Jersey Better Business Bureau (BBB). Kilpatrick and Hart Marketing Director Cheryl Rimback serves as the BBB’s vice chair, and CEO Thomas Hart serves on the BBB’s board.

Around the United States and Canada, local Better Business Bureaus strive to encourage a marketplace of fairness and integrity between buyers and sellers. By developing guidelines and best practices, evaluating businesses, supporting excellence, and denouncing untrustworthy conduct, the local BBB builds trust and encourages economic activity.

One area that the BBB examines is advertising. The national BBB maintains a code of advertising to distinguish between honest promotion and fraudulent practices. This list governs advertising techniques commonly used by businesses to sell their products. Price comparisons between time periods, businesses, the “list” price, wholesale, etc., must be substantiated. Businesses must clearly communicate when additional fees are added to the list price or to “free” items. Used, secondhand, or as-is goods must be clearly labeled as such. Regarding bait advertising, in which businesses provide one deal in the hopes that customers will come to the store and purchase other items, the business must have a reasonable stock of the originally advertised item. The business must be able to substantiate any claims of superiority, and superlative claims, like “Best Restaurant in the City,” while they may be subjective, should not be misleading.