Kilpatrick and Hart Details the Advantages of a Financial Consultant for a Small Business Owner

The plethora of funding options and Byzantine financing regulations make it more difficult than ever for a small business owner to navigate the lending process. By serving as an intermediary to lenders, financial consultants help small businesses clear many of the hurdles to project funding.

Additionally, a financial consultant has access to a wide variety of safe, prospective lenders. A financial consultant can send a small business’ proposal to an assortment of the best qualified lenders based on the business’ specific proposal and circumstances. This saves the small business time and legwork in researching lenders and applying to each one on its own. Particularly with specialty projects, for which lending options may be scarce, a financial consultant’s resources can be invaluable.

A good financial consultant will also go beyond merely acquiring a list of prospective lenders for its network. It can eliminate lending programs that may appear enticing on the surface but are too risky or otherwise inappropriate. Thus, a financial consultant can be a valuable asset for a small business seeking financing.

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